Innokemin päälipesuailla puhdistus on kevyttä ja helppoa.



Innokem detergents are the result of long-term product development in harsh Finnish environment. The product selection includes effective substances for different applications and purposes. With Innokem cleaners, you can wash your vehicles, including cars, heavy vehicles, work machines and even motorcycles, efficiently and safely.


Inexpensive but high-quality power wash concentrates.
The affordable 1000-series power wash concentrates are suitable for washing cars, motorcycles and also heavy equipment. These power washing concentrates have a good removal of road film and grease. There is also a very environmentally friendly product in this series. Perfect for car enthusiasts, but also for professionals for a lighter wash.


Multi-purpose power wash concentrates for professionals.
The versatile 2000-series power wash concentrates are very well suited for professional use for various types of washing of cars, earthmoving machines, heavy equipment and also motorcycles. These power washing concentrates effectively remove various types of dirt produced in road traffic without a solvent. If you only want one detergent, then the choice can be found in this series.


Safe, lye-free detergents.
Safe 3000-series power washing concentrates are suitable for areas where gentle but still effective cleaning is required. The detergents are lye-free, so they are safe for many different delicate vehicle surfaces. If you want the safest possible substance, then the 3000 series is your choice.


Effective detergents for challenging conditions.
Effective detergents from the Microemulsion-series offer the best dirt removal ability for washing vehicles. Detergents are excellent for washing cars, heavy equipment, earthmoving machines and engine compartments. The products effectively remove grease and road traffic film. The absolute choice of a professional when speed and efficiency are decisive.


Odorless and effective biosolvent-based detergent concentrates.
The effective substances of the Bioclean-series are excellently suited for areas where odorless detergents are needed, such as food transport equipment. They are based on solvents made from natural raw materials, so they are a more environmentally friendly alternative compared to other solvent detergents. Choose the Bioclean series when you need an odorless and effective detergent for washing vehicles.


Foaming detergent concentrates when a long action time is necessary.
The substances of the Foam-series are excellently suitable for areas where a long action time is required for the detergent. In the selection, you can find substances of different effectiveness and suitable for different applications, such as for cars, motorcycles, heavy equipment or earthmoving machines. Choose the Foam series when you want a long-lasting, foaming detergent.

Wash wax-series

Protective wax detergents that give an excellent shine and protection.
The protective wax detergents from the Wash Wax-series effortlessly give good protection and an excellent shine to the vehicle. The products are suitable for many applications, such as cars, motorcycles, heavy equipment and even earthmoving machines. They make it easier to keep the equipment clean, because their protective film is strongly dirt-repellent. The substances have a pleasant fresh smell. Choose the Wash Wax series when you also want a protective film and an excellent shine for your vehicle in the same wash.

Diamond brite-series

World-famous detergents for various uses.
The world-famous English Diamond Brite-series offers a wide range of high-quality products for cleaning vehicles. The selection includes special materials for various uses. Choose the Diamond Brite series when you want a high-quality special product from around the world for your own special use.

Super concentrate-series

Super concentrate detergents, a lot of power from a small volume.
The small volume Super Concentrate-series is perfectly suited for applications where you want to create a lot of effective detergent with as little volume and weight as possible. Suitable for washing cars, motorcycles, heavy equipment and earthmoving machines. It is an environmentally friendly choice because the carbon footprint of shipping is smaller than normal detergents.